Bye-Bye Baby Shower Games. Hello Craft Kits!

baby shower games

Ahhh baby shower games... If you've ever been to a baby shower you’ve probably been roped into playing baby shower games to make the mom-to-be happy. But does anyone really enjoy them––moms included? We talked to a lot of moms about this and the consensus seems to be that baby shower games are ok, but people want something different at their baby showers. That’s why Assembled created a fun line of adult craft kits that you can make at your baby shower and use in your nursery for years to come. 

Even celebs like Kylie Jenner are jumping on the craft kits trend! Kylie had a craft station at the baby shower for her second baby and shared the results on her Instagram. She may have kept people guessing about the baby's sex and name but she let the world know that craft kits are official in style. 

baby shower craft kits

You might hear “baby shower crafts” and picture a big mess with lots of leftover materials, but not with Assembled craft kits. We designed our craft kits to be easy, mess-free, and quick to make in an hour or less! We recently put our products to the test at the Healthybaby Parents’ Night Out and all the moms were amazed with their results. 

“My tote turned out so cute! It’s become my new ‘mom bag’ and I use it every day. Love that I was able to take the dye bag home and wash it out the next day!” 

Tie-dye has a bad reputation for being messy and hard to do. But we’ve solved both these issues with our simple tie techniques and low water immersion kits. Everything stays in the bag so you can enjoy the craft with minimal cleanup after. Even our event hosts were pleasantly surprised by how clean it was! 

“I was a little worried that there would be tie-dye stains everywhere, but I couldn’t believe there wasn’t a single drop of dye anywhere at the end of the night. These craft kits are awesome!” 

Our craft kits include onesie tie-dye kits, tie-dye totes for your guests to take home, wooden keepsake hangers, and a gorgeous papercraft lamp for your nursery. If you’re planning a baby shower for yourself or for a mom-to-be, you can buy a pre-set bundle or mix and match to build the perfect bundle for your guests to enjoy. 

Are you a professional baby shower planner? Contact us for special packages and prep kits to elevate your offerings and make your clients (and their guests) extra happy! 

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