Organic Tie Dye Tote Kit Instructions


Scrunch! Tie! Soak!

We're excited to see your unique one-of-a-kind design 😊 


Please note, the Organic Tie Dye Tote Kit is NOT A TOY and is not intended for use by children

Warning: Keep tie dye kit out of reach of children. Avoid getting soda ash and reactive dyes on bare skin as they can cause skin irritation. Do not ingest soda ash or reactive dyes as they can be toxic in certain amounts. Do not allow rubber bands to be ingested as they can be a choking hazard.


First, gather the materials provided in your kit. In addition to these items you will need the following:


- Measuring cup
- Container (to mix dye with water)
- Liquid clothing detergent
- Something to stir the dye with water (spoon, stick)

- Access to a sink
- Access to washer / dryer (not necessary)


    STEP 1

    Open your kit and lay out all your items.

    • Organic Tote Bag
    • Plastic Gloves
    • Rubber Bands: Small and Large
    • Plastic Bag
    • Metal Container: Dye & Soda Ash mixed (do not open yet)


    STEP 2

    Lay the tote bag flat on a clean surface. Loosely scrunch the tote to create your design. We love the scrunch technique because it's easy and always turns out chic. Soak the tote in water under the sink. Ring out any excess water. Place the tote in the bag and set aside.


    For more advanced techniques you can look up "tie-dye folding technique" or "tie-dye swirl technique"


    STEP 3

    It's time to start dying! Put on your gloves. Measure 1.5 cups of warm water and add it to your container. Add the dye + soda ash in the metal container to the wanter. Stir for 1 minute to make sure the dye and soda ash dissolve.

    **If the dye and soda ash does not completely dissolve and mix you will get discoloration in your dye**

    Pour the dye into the plastic bag covering the tote. Seal the bag while making sure to remove all air in the bag. Squeeze the dye into the tote. The more you massage the dye into the items the darker they will be. 

    Tie the large rubber bands around the top of the bag to make sure it does not leak. Let the tote sit in the dye for 30-45m. For this tutorial I left the items in for 30m




    STEP 4: 

    Remove the tote from the bag. Rise the tote 3 times (cold, hot, cold) each time waiting for the water to run clear. Hand wash the tote with liquid detergent in the sink. 

    Dry the items and you're all done!