Papercraft Bear Lamp Instructions




Welcome crafting ninja!

We're thrilled you're joining us on this papercraft adventure 🌍


Please note, the Papercraft Bear Lamp is NOT A TOY and is not intended for use by children 

Warning: Lamp should be kept far from flames or sparks to prevent a fire. Care should be taken with the bulb and electrical cord to prevent electrical fires.  


Below we've provided graphic and video instructions for building your bear lamp. Start by reading through this "OVERVIEW" section first and watching the video in "STEP 1". Once you have done that you can begin assembling your bear and following STEPS 2-5.

NUMBERED PIECES: Notice on each paper cut out there is a larger number sometimes with letters). This is the name of the piece and how you will identify which piece you are working with.
NUMBERED TABS: The smaller numbers are on the tabs of each piece. These will guide you when you glue the pieces together. Find matching numbers on the tabs and glue them together 
PEEL STRIPS: we recommend peeling the tabs just before you join them together so the glue doesn't accidentally stick to something or lose its strength.
FOLDING TABS: fold all tabs on a piece before you begin assembling or gluing 
JOINING TABS: when joining tabs together, join them on the printed side in a "T" shape. The glued tabs will be on the inside of the sculpture. Once you are sure the tabs are properly aligned, press firmly to join to ensure a good adherence 
ADDING NEW PIECES: when adding new pieces to the bear it's better to start from the middle and then proceed to the outside
SIDE A & B: pieces with letters "A" and "B" are symmetrical.







In this step we will review how to get set up with your kit and how to assemble the bear's nose (PIECE 1) 




In this step we will add PIECES 2, 3, and 4 completing the head of the bear




In this step we will assemble the bear's body. Pay particular attention to the instructions and graphic illustration for PIECES 6.A and 6.B as the center of the bear's belly bends CONVEX which is different then all other pieces on the bear. 



Complete the bear by adding the feet and the bottom   


Step 5

Last but not least, add the wooden LED lamp fixture at the base of the bear. This illustration depicts a LED lightbulb, but your base has built in LEDs and does not use a light bulb.